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Top 10 Benefits

1.  Ever been asked to understand a formula like this?

Using the Navigator Trace functionality this complex formulae is separated into each separate cell reference.
The user then enjoys the ability to navigate by simply clicking each part of the  formula and be taken instantly to the section of the model being referenced.
Turns hours of work into minutes.

Go to Navigator Trace

2.  Ever got this error?

There is an object that cannot be hidden when data is grouped, typically Comments on your worksheet.
Use Navigator Objects to understand the Objects in your spreadsheet. Find hidden objects and locate zero pint size objects. Move or delete as required.

Go to Navigator Objects

3.  Does your spreadsheet have hidden or protected worksheets that you do not even know exist?

Find out using Navigator sheets which lists all your sheets, hidden or not, and easily see which sheets are protected.

Go to Navigator Sheets

4.  Ever been given a model you did not create and when you open you get this message?

Use Navigator Links to easily understand the external spreadsheets being referenced. This may be the source of out dated references, this may be an error, or it may be through an unused name or even a phantom link.
Manage your links easily with Navigator Links.

Go to Navigator Links

5.  Ever been updating someone elseís model and wonder if they have copied the formulas across consistently, or if they have hard coded numbers where there should be a formula?

Use Navigator Audit to understand the internal consistency and logic of your spreadsheet. This will save you 10ís of thousands in your audit bill.

Go to Navigator Audit

6.  Ever seen a model with 1227 names?

Navigator Names can help you manage names like a professional. If you do not like using names use Navigator names to remove them, or if you do like them then use Navigator names to manage them.

Go to Navigator Names

7.  Ever seen a spreadsheet turn from 100kb to 40MB

If you have a copy paste macro to break a circularity and the copy range includes an object that gets pasted on itself hundreds of times or if you are unfortunate enough to inherit a spreadsheet with zero point size objects then you may experience huge file size increases
Use Navigator Objects to manage and find all of the objects in the spreadsheet. Navigator Objects is intelligent enough to find zero point size objects, invisible objects and objects pasted exactly on top of one another

Go to Navigator Objects

8.  Ever been asked to delete a section of the model but when you do you create hundreds of #Ref errors?

Use Navigator Trace to identify any dependent cells on the range you wish to delete and use this to manage the deletion.

Go to Navigator Trace

9.  Ever inserted a summary sheet from another spreadsheet and accidentally created lots of linked named cells that have no relevance?

Use Navigator Names to delete the invalid names and Navigator Links to remove the names that are linked to the original spreadsheet and are in error.

Go to Navigator Names

Go to Navigator Links

10.  Differentiate Local and Global named cells and correct any errors this may be causing

Easily identify which names are local, that is, referring to only named ranges on a single worksheet, and which names are global, that is apply to the whole workbook.

Go to Navigator Names

Do you have an interesting story using Navigator Utilities that saved you from hours of work or found a multi million dollar error???

Email us and let us know.    Thankyou@NavigatorUtilities.com

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