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Read what others have said about Navigator Utilities:

bulletNavigator is awesome for tracing complex formulas.
    Stuart Dyke, Australia
bulletI have been using Navigator Utilities now for a few months and the more I use it the more I love it. It's a great product!
    Rob Egelink, Netherlands
bulletNavigator Utilities is the best excel add in, can't imagine using excel without it.
    Michael Sanchez, Financial Analyst Dubai UAE
bulletExcel would not be excel without the Utilities...
     Marc Ivanchak, Florida, USA†
bulletThanks for making a fine product!
     Jeff Crawford, USA†
bulletMany thanks again for a great product...I use it every day!
     Paula Fink, - Burbank†CA, USA†
bulletMany thanks for your excellent Add-in especially the excel 2007 Navigator Toolbars function. What a great way to cope with the hassle of the revolting ribbon bar.
     Chris Bennett, UK
bulletI cannot imagine using Excel without this!
     Chris Karzag - UCSC, USA
bulletI have spreadsheets with many cross-references. Navigator Utilities has saved me a lot of time in resolving the links. Well worth the registration fee. A big Thank You from me.
     SC Lee - Singapore
bulletI have been using Navigator for about 2 minutes now and I have to offer my sincere thanks and congratulations to you.  The software is exactly what Iíve been looking for and fulfils multiple tasks fast, professionally and effortlessly. We have a multitude of spreadsheets with hundreds of worksheets, all with links.† Your software will save thousands of man-years in navigation, text-replacing and error-solving.
     Neil Cammish - Cork, Ireland
bulletThanks for a fine product and support!
     Jeff Crawford - AR, USA
bulletI recently purchased these utilities and couldnít be happier with them! I use Excel a great deal in my everyday work. Some of my workbooks have over 500 links and this product makes childís play out of managing them! I havenít had a chance yet to use the other features, but if itís as good as the link manager Iíll be a customer for life! Thanks again for the great tools!
     Patti Knobloch - Fl, USA
bulletWhat an excellent programme Navigator is.  I use it a hundred times a day, in fact I would struggle to do without it.  Thanks for a wonderful product.
     Alan Bradshaw - UK
bulletGod bless you!† I've been trying to find a way to trace links in Excel for YEARS, and all to no avail until you came along.† I'm VERY appreciative of the free download and think your product is GREAT!!! Thanks a million
     Bryan - USA
bulletYou have done a great job with Navigator Utilities and I'm delighted to be able to support your time and effort in return for a very useful addition to the arsenal of "stuff" that makes my daily working life that little bit easier.
     John Mitchell - Sydney, Australia
bulletCongratulations on an excellent piece of work with Navigator utilities. I use names a lot when I code Excel, and it has always been very frustrating to manipulate them. Your add-in helps a great deal. Thank you. I've recommended it to colleagues as well as buying it myself. Also, fantastically responsive support and help.
     George Corrigan - USA
bulletI downloaded your Navigator.† It was sooooooo easy ... and it worked just like advertised!† I was sooooooo excited when I clicked on the icon to find the links and up they popped!† I've told two of my girl friends about it ... of course ... they weren't quite as excited as me! Anyway, I wanted to tell you how wonderful Navigator is.
     Sabrina - USA
bulletIt's not just useful, I don't think I could get through the day without it. Thanks for†a great tool.
     Alan Bradshaw - UK
bulletThanks for a great piece of software.
     Chris Bennett - Peterborough, England
bulletKeep up the good work, Navigator is the best add in that we have found. It solves a number of problems in a very straightforward way. I especially find the links options useful for those spread sheets that you want to send out to clients, but don't want them to have the bother of having that nasty little window come up asking if they want to update the sheet.
     Stewart Sawyer - Seattle, WA, USA
bulletI think your add-in is superb. It really has helped me and is one of the few shareware products worth buying!
     AJ Warner - Dallas, Texas, USA
bulletThanks. You have a fantastic product.
     Brett Hendley - USA
bulletI have been using Navigator Utilities for just over a year now to manage multiple large Excel based applications.† The job would have been a nightmare without the features available in Navigator Utilities - I find it indispensable.
     Steve Quinn - USA
bulletYou have solved the horrible problem of invisible links and names in Excel! Although I learned to use Microsoft's tool for viewing and eliminating links, it was never satisfactory, and trying to work in the little Names box is time consuming at best.† Now that I have Navigator Utilities, all those problems have gone away!† Thank you!
     Patricia Jackson, USA
bulletI really like the find and replace function in your product. It works well and did a great job at straightening out some issues that I had. A fine product and thanks for your efforts!
     Mark Vande Brake, USA
bulletMy wife can't understand how, after 15 years of playing with spreadsheets, I still get excited about something like an add-in! I do heavy-duty VBA programming in Excel on occasion, so I think I can recognize quality work when I see it. Navigator Utilities is a quality piece of work, Mark.
     Jim Williams, Rockville, Maryland, USA
bulletIt is the search function across tabs and workbooks that is so useful to me. It has already saved me a couple of hours in a couple of days!
     Gloria Wilson, earthlink.net
bulletI can't wait to ask the boss if he will allow this purchase!  If he won't it will be more than worth it for me to do it myself!  I look forward to using this program! Oh and the price is sooooooo reasonable!
     Rhonda Rochon, West Michigan Lakeshore Association of Realtors, Grand Haven, MI, USA
bulletThe links utility just changed my life.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!
     Anita Gard, Jacksonville, FL, USA
bulletI will register my copy of navigator because I have found a very useful function with the protection of multiple sheets. This has and will save me countless hours over the next few months. Great product, Great support, Great price. Many thanks.
     Peter de Vries, e-Business Manager, Hettich International
bulletYou just scored me big points with my manager.  We had some sort of hidden name reference to a workbook that didn't exist.  Couldn't have found it without Navigator.
     Will Decker - San Francisco, CA - Product Manager, Auto Finance
bulletI downloaded yesterday and used it all day with great success. I had a lot of work to do with sheets that involved duplicating, copying and moving - it was a joy to be able to do it all visually from the Sheet Navigator window. It's been a real pleasure using this tool.
     Mike, Pennsylvania, USA
bulletIn the numerous years I have been using various version of Excel, I have tried a number of add-on utilities. A few, that I could not live without,†have ended-up as part of my standard Excel configuration. The last one, on my constant quest of improving my productivity, is Navigator by Mark Robinson. Great for navigating between the numerous sheets, looking for broken links and doing searches.
     Michel Slivitzky, Saint-Raymond Quebec, Canada
bulletMany thanks for your great product "Navigator" and also for your almost instantaneous reply to my email, much appreciated. I started using your "Navigator" for Excel recently and am still discovering many of the wonders it offers! Great going Mark!
     Dan Ostroff, Jerusalem, Israel
bulletAny one of these four could stand on their own as a solid utility.  Together, they represent an outstanding value and excellent tool for anyone working with large complex spreadsheets. The product is obviously the work of someone who has wrestled with complex spreadsheets.  I have found the Navigator Names, the Nav Find/Replace and the Navigator Link Multiple Link Update to be unique and particularly useful.  I look forward to the continued evolution of the product.
     Mike M., Philadelphia, PA. USA
bulletWhen it comes to links and names I've found Navigator Utilities to be invaluable.† It's a great time saver.† In addition, Mark stands behind his product, quickly responding to questions and incorporating suggested modifications.
     Steve Beveridge, Financial Results Ltd., Canada
bulletLove your program. Helped me to discover hidden names.
     R.G. aol.com, USA
bulletYour program is excellent, in fact I wish to buy a copy.
     R.S. Phoenix, AZ. USA
bulletI have found this well designed tool by chance browsing on Microsoft News group site, and I am glad I had the curiosity to download it. It is easy to install, easy to use, and is the daily companion of complex Excel files. I look forward to future updates!
     Stephane B. - UUNet Inc
bulletHave been using Navigator recently - it is absolutely brilliant - the amount of time this can save is unlimited.
     David Ticehurst, Actuary, Sydney, Australia
bulletThis tool has made life so much easier when working through large spreadsheets with loads of numbers and formulas. Navigator's "Find" command is fantastic and is so much more helpful than the Windows one.
     Arnab Sengupta,  Ernst & Young,  Sydney, Australia
bulletAfter using your Navigator Utilities for only a few short hours I am very pleased with the amount of work it has saved me.
Anyone that deals with external references will be very glad they tried this great utility.
     Dan Kelly, Principal Operator, Brewerton Waste Water Treatment Plant, Brewerton, New York USA
bulletI was searching for help on changing multiple links when Mark pointed me to the Navigator Utility.  This add-in tool was extremely useful to me in quickly modifying 2,020 links in 12 spreadsheets (total of 24,240 links). Within 30 minutes all of the links were pointing to the correct file. I will definitely use this tool again in the future!
     Mike Demos, PCA Operations Manager, Baxter Healthcare
bulletThe Navigator Utility is fantastic, it is really quick, reliable and I can't imagine using any Excel spreadsheets with links or names without using Navigator.
     Greg Bird, Dulwich Hill, Australia

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