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Top 10 Benefits

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Main features:
bullet Annotates cells in a workbook to show which formulas are unique and which have been copied
bullet Allows you to quickly isolate where formulas have been altered
bullet Easily find which formulas have constants
bullet Apply annotations to a range, a whole sheet or the whole workbook
bullet All annotations are easily removed

bullet Annotate which cells have unique formulas
bullet Annotate which cells have formulas which have been copied from nearby cells
bullet Annotate which cells have formulas that include constants
bullet Easily exclude certain constants from the Formulas With Numbers check, for example, constants such as 1, 12 or 100
bullet Highlight cells which contain text
bullet Highlight cells which contain numbers only
bullet Add a comment to each cell which contains a unique formula to allow easy viewing of formulas in a worksheet
bullet Choose the style of annotating Unique and copied formulas - either using a grid pattern or arrows
bullet Easily remove all annotations from the worksheet

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