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... to the many Navigator Utilities users who have provided feedback on features and bugs.  Navigator utilities is being constantly updated and improved.  All comments, suggestions and bug reports are greatly appreciated.  Contact us at support@NavigatorUtilities.com.

V3.71  13 Nov 2020    Fix dialog display issue

Resolved issue where some of the dialogs would not display correctly on the latest versions of Excel.

V3.70  01 Jan 2019    Fix installation issue

Resolved issue with error messages on opening Excel.

V3.69  01 Sep 2018    Fix Excel ribbon issues

Resolved issues relating to the Ribbon options, which have now been simplified.  This prevents error messages appearing when working in VBA.

V3.68  13 Jan 2016    Fix to crash occurring when deleting sheets

Resolved issue with deleting sheets in Sheets Navigator.

V3.67  11 Jan 2016    Improvements to Trace navigator and Sheets Navigator

Trace Navigator was incorrectly displaying hidden sheets which should have remained hidden.  Sheets Navigator now correctly displays the number of cells in a workbook when this result is very large.

V3.66  11 Oct 2015    Improvements to Trace navigator

Improved highlighting of selected cell in formula display.

V3.65  01 Oct 2015    Fix install issue

Fix an issue with installing Navigator on Excel 2016.

V3.64  15 Nov 2014    Fix to Explorer paste options

Fix for the past filename with date option which didn't work if the workbook was a CSV file.

V3.63  30 May 2014    Changes to Ribbon

Ribbon now defaults, on initial installation, to install the Utilities on the left of the ribbon and the Excel toolbar to the right of the ribbon.  This can easily be changed under Options. Note that the Excel Toolbar can also be turned off under Options.

V3.62  13 February 2014    Fix to Shortcuts option

Resolved issue with keyboard shortcut options causing an error.

V3.61  30 November 2013    Improvements to Trace Navigator

Resolved issue with corporate registration.

V3.60  24 September 2013    Improvements to Trace Navigator

The Trace Navigator now includes dependents and precedents which are on hidden worksheets. Previously, these did not display in the list of dependents and precedents.

V3.59   17 September 2013    Improvements to Names Navigator

Names Navigator now allows for large workbooks with very large numbers of names.

V3.58   09 January 2013    Improvements to Names Navigator

Speed improvements have been made to the Names Navigator when searching for cells using selected Named Range.

V3.57   18 November 2012    Fix to Objects Navigator

A bug prevented the sorting in the Object Navigator when there were a large number of objects being sorted.

V3.56   14 October 2012    Improvements to Names Navigator

Significant speed improvements have been made to the Names Navigator when using large workbooks.
Names Navigator now searches in cell validations to find cells where a Name has been used to define the validation.

V3.55   06 October 2012    Improvements to Names Navigator

On option has been provided search for Names inside rows which have been hidden by the Excel filter function.

V3.54   22 September 2012    Improvements to Names Navigator

On option has been provided to unhide Names from the Names navigator dialog.

V3.53   24 August 2012    Improvements to Names Navigator

Existing Names (Named ranges) can now be renamed in the Names Navigator.  Previously, Names could be cloned, but it wasn't possible to rename existing Names.

V3.52   31 May 2012    Minor bug fixes

Minor bug fixes.

V3.51   19 March 2012     Improvements to Excel ribbon and Audit Navigator

An option has been provided on the ribbon such that the Classic Excel toolbar can be displayed either on the right or the left of the Excel ribbon.
An option has been added to the Audit Navigator to limit the display of symbols for formulas with numbers so that the symbols only display for unique formulas.

V3.50   04 January 2012     Fix Finds Navigator issue

A fix for a Find Navigator bug introduced in V3.49 which prevented Excel returning to the selected cell.

V3.49   27 December 2011     Improvements to Names and Find Navigator

There is now an option on the Find Navigator to reduce the size of the dialog, i.e. using less screen space. The dialog is easily reduced in size or opened up to full size to modify options. Note that the position of the dialog on the screen, when it opens, can be set under Options.

The Name Navigator has been modified to enable simpler input when defining a named range. Simple click on the worksheet and the address is added to the definition field. The clicked address can either replace the current definition or be appended to it.

V3.48   13 October 2011     Improvements to Names Navigator

The navigation of the Names Navigator has been improved.  Clicking on either a named range or its dependents will take you to the location referred to.  Double clicking will take you to the location and close the dialog.  Click on the close button to return to the original location.

V3.47   05 October 2011     Fix Finds Navigator issue

The Finds Navigator would sometimes crash when searching through cells with formulas where the value was in error.

V3.46   03 October 2011     Fix Names Navigator issue

The Names Navigator would sometimes crash when searching for names in defined tables.

V3.45   17 August 2011     Fix Names Navigator issue

The Names navigator would sometimes crash when searching for names in merged cells.
Also, the NumLock would sometimes incorrectly turn off when utilities were started.

V3.44   13 June 2011     Fix Sheet Move/Copy cancel function

Corrected incorrect cancel operation with Sheet Move/Copy function.

V3.43   8 January 2011     Added autoscale feature to ribbon for Excel 2010

Improved display of Ribbon when displaying Excel in small windows - applicable only to Excel 2010.

V3.42   23 December 2010     Added support for 64 bit Excel

Navigator utilities is now supported on 64 bit Excel/Windows.

V3.41   5 December 2010     Improvements

Added additional sort functionality to Sheets, Names, Links and Objects Navigators. Columns in the dialogs can now be sorted by clicking on the column headings, in either ascending or descending order, or not sorted.

V3.40   29 November 2010     Improvements

Navigator Links and Navigator Names now loads more quickly on large spreadsheets which contain autofilters. Progress of long link and name searches is shown in the statusbar.
Shortcuts now load correctly when the shift key is used. Previously, the first time a utility with a shortcut which included the shift key failed to load.

V3.39   18 November 2010     Fixed installation issues

Fixed errors which occurred on installation on some PCs.

V3.38   26 October 2010     Resolved issues with German Language Pack

Fixed errors which occurred when the German Language pack was installed.

V3.37   28 August 2010     Added functionality to Links, Names and Find utilities

Added option to allow you to easily navigate to links, named ranges and finds.  When you click in the lists in the utility dialogs, the worksheet display changes to the chosen reference. You can then choose to go to that reference, or click close to return to the original location.

V3.36    09 August 2010     Fixed issue relating to the use of filters hiding data

When filters were activated on a worksheet resulting in rows of data being hidden, links and named ranges were not being correctly reported by the Links and Names utilities. Links and names are now reported even when hidden by the filter.

V3.35    01 August 2010     Fixes for corporate environments

An option has been added to the Navigator ribbon to reduce the size of the Navigator icons for use on small screens or screens with a low resolution.
A fix for checking for updates which may not have worked in corporate networks has been added.
Excel security prompts as a result of Trust Centre settings have been removed.
Additional options for copying file and path names to the clipboard have been added to the Explorer button.

V3.34    12 July 2010     Introduced new help and one-click check for updates option

A new enhanced help system has been implemented which will allow for further improvements in future versions.
An option has been introduced to allow one-click checking for updates. Just click on the updates option and Navigator Utilities will check the website all inform you whether or not a newer version is available.

V3.33    19 June 2010     Fixed issue with registration expiry date

Fix bug which sometimes caused premature expiry of registration.

V3.32    29 May 2010     Quickly access explorer

A button has been added to the ribbon and to the Sheet Navigator dialog to allow you to quickly open the folder of the active workbook in Windows Explorer. Using the split button on the ribbon, you can easily copy the path and/or name of the active workbook to the clipboard.

V3.31    06 Apr 2010     Improvements to sheet renaming

The sheet renaming feature in Navigator Sheets now allows for bulk renaming of selected sheets.  For example, a group of selected sheets could be renamed with the same text but preceded or followed with a number which increments for each sheet.

V3.30     31 Mar 2010     Improvements to password removing

Removing of passwords from multiple sheets has been enhanced.  If more than one sheet uses the same password, the process is quicker.

V3.29     28 Mar 2010     Improvements to dialog placement

The position of dialogs can be determined by selecting Right of Excel window, Centre of Excel window, or by remembering where the dialog was last positioned. Dialogs which are called from one of the main utilities will be placed to the left of the main dialog when Centre and Right are chosen, otherwise where they were last positioned.

V3.28     07 Mar 2010     Fix Names Navigator       

Fix bug introduced in V3.27 in the Names Navigator which caused an error.

V3.27     04 Mar 2010     Include Excel Tables in Names Navigator       

Add Excel tables to Names Navigator. The names of all tables are included with the listing of named ranges.

V3.26     06 Feb 2010     Fix multiple file option in Links Navigator      

Fixed issue with Navigator Links when using Multiple File option which did not work with Excel 2007.

V3.25     20 Nov 2009     Fix loading issue      

Fixed issue which sometimes occurred when loading Navigator Utilities.

V3.24     24 Oct 2009     Fix Windows 7 loading issue

Fixed issue with loading Navigator Utilities which caused an error when on Windows 7.

V3.23     27 Sep 2009     Fix Audit Navigator issue

Fixed issue with Audit Navigator which caused utility to crash.
Improved loading of ribbon toolbars.

V3.22     20 Sep 2009     Fix intermittent Office ribbon loading problem

Fixed issue with loading of Office ribbon for Excel 2007 which sometimes produced error messages.

V3.21     17 Sep 2009     Improvements to Trace and Sheets utilities

Minor improvements to Trace and Sheets utilities.

V3.20     09 Sep 2009     Improvements to installation process

Minor improvements to installation process.

V3.19     07 Sep 2009     Improvements to installation process

Improvements to installation process - it is now no longer necessary for Excel to load at the end of the installation process.  In addition, Navigator Utilities now installs to the Windows Application Data folder instead of the Programs Files folder.  This enable Vista users to install without administrator access rights.

V3.18     22 Aug 2009     Fixes to navigator ribbon

Minor fixes to Excel toolbars on the Excel 2007 ribbon.

V3.17     19 Aug 2009     Improvements to Names Navigator

Added extra options to Names Navigator to enhance deleting option.

V3.16     19 Jul 2009     Fix issue with password protected sheets

Fixed problem with password protected sheets which appeared in Excel 2007.  No impact on earlier versions of Excel.

V3.15     06 Jul 2009     Fix issue with Audit Navigator

Fix to Audit Navigator to which sometimes did not correctly annotate cells when all sheets is a workbook were selected for annotation.

V3.14     16 Jun 2009     Improvements to Links Navigator

Option added to Navigator tab (Excel 2007 only) to make the Navigator tab the default tab at startup.
Improvement to Links Navigator to find links previously not found.  Option provided to easily remove all links and replace with values.

V3.13     02 Jun 2009     Fix to Sheet and Audit Navigator

Minor fixes to Sheets and Audit utilities.

V3.12     24 May 2009     Add remove all links in a workbook in Links Navigator

Update Link Navigator to add feature to remove all links in a workbook.  This is very useful when receiving a workbook from a third party which has many links.  A calculation of the workbook may replace all the links with an error.  Removing all the links before doing a recalculation replaces all linked formulas with its value.

V3.11     22 May 2009     Add Classic Excel 2003 menu

Update to add a Classic Excel 2003 menu to the Navigator Utilities tab (only applicable if using with Excel 2007). 

V3.10     18 Apr 2009     Add Navigator tab to Excel 2007 ribbon

Update to add a "Navigator Utilities" tab to the Excel 2007 ribbon.  Previously, the Navigator utilities were displayed in the Add-ins tab.  For versions of Excel prior to Excel 2007, Navigator utilities displays in a separate toolbar.

V3.07     01 Apr 2009     Add refresh buttons to all utilities

Added refresh button to utilities. When changes have been made to a worksheet, refresh will update the dialogs without closing and re-entering the utility.
Fixed Trace Utility which did not always show tracer arrows.
Fixed Object Utility where the delete button did not always work.

V3.06     28 Feb 2009     Fix international compatibility issue

Fixed compatibility issues with international versions of Excel.

V3.05     09 Feb 2009     Fix Sheets Navigator

Minor fixes to Sheets Utility.

V3.04     20 Dec 2008     Improvements to password breaking

Significant improvements have been made to the time taken to break worksheet passwords.

V3.03     13 Dec 2008     Fix Objects Navigator

Minor fixes to Object Utility.

V3.02     25 Oct 2008     Fix Audit and Trace Navigators

Minor fixes to Audit and Trace Utilities.

V3.01     22 Oct 2008     Fix Audit and Trace Navigators

Minor fixes to Audit and Trace Utilities.

V3.00     12 Oct 2008     Added Audit Navigator

Version 3 of Navigator Utilities introduces the Audit Navigator which enables you to understand the internal consistency and logic of your spreadsheet by annotating cells which have unique formulas, copied formulas, formulas with constants, cells with numbers and text.

Navigator Trace has been significantly improved to allow you to more easily keep track of the formula you are tracing.

An delete option has been added to the Navigator Objects utility to allow easy deletion of selected objects.

V2.20     28 Aug 2008     Sheet Navigator improvements

Improvements made to Sheet Navigator: updated sheet protection options to include all Excel options; improved functionality of More options; fixed toolbar placement issue in Excel 2007.

V2.19     30 Jul 2008     Sheet Navigator improvements

Fixed a problem relating to selecting cancel when inserting sheets (sheet was inserted even though cancel was selected).

V2.18     24 June 2008     Sheet Navigator improvements

Fixed a problem relating to unprotecting sheets where Navigator still tries to break the password even though the correct password has been entered.

V2.17     03 Jan 2008     Fix installation issue

Fixed a problem requiring administrator access to install.

V2.16     16 Dec 2007     Fix loading issue

Fixed a problem which sometimes caused the dialogs to flash and disappear when used for the first time in each Excel session.

V2.15     10 Jul 2007     Sheet Navigator improvement

Sheet Navigator now remembers the sort option last used. 

V2.14     26 Jun 2007     Names navigator improvement

Improvements to speed of names Navigator. 

V2.13     28 May 2007     Links Navigator improvement

Fixed bug in Links Navigator preventing display of very long cell formulas. 

V2.12     31 Jan 2007     Minor fixes

Removed minor bugs. 

V2.11.6     07 Dec 2006     Names Navigator fixes

Removed minor bugs from Names Utility. 

V2.11.5     20 Jun 2006     Names Navigator improvement

Improved Names Navigator functionality.  When viewing Names on very large workbooks, the Name Navigator can take considerable time to find the references.  Setting the Display of Dependents to None can considerably improve speed when scrolling through Names. 

V2.11.4     06 Mar 2006     Option improvements

Option added to allow removal of individual Navigator Utilities from memory to free up space.  

V2.11.3     04 Mar 2006     Names Navigator improvements

Names Navigator - Added ability to repair corrupt or invalid Names.  Names imported from 123 spreadsheets are often invalid and unable to be deleted.  When deleting invalid names, option is provided to fix all invalid Names.  

Links navigator - ability to find links where the path name includes forward slashes, such as URLs.

V2.11.2     23 Jan 2006     Added option for dialog placement

New option to allow user to decide where dialogs appear - the default being the centre of the window with the option to select the right hand side of the window, or simply remember the previous position.
Added ability to find links for Picture Objects.

V2.10     20 Jul 2005     New Trace Navigator

New Trace Navigator added for finding your way through dependents and precedents of a cell.  A useful audit tool extending on the functionality of the standard Excel audit toolbar but providing lists of precedents and dependents and keeping track of your trace history so you never get lost!

V2.03     03 Jun 2005     Sheet Navigator improvement

Fix display of zoom percentage slider on Sheet Navigator.
Fix to Names Navigator to remove error dialog.

V2.02     17 May 2005     Fix startup flicker

Fix problem loading Navigator Utilities at Excel startup which caused Start pane to flicker.

V2.01     25 Apr 2005     Improvements

Fix problem loading Navigator Utilities with shortcut keys.
Fix a problem preventing Navigator running on Excel 97.
Change initial focus on entry to Names Navigator so that Names can be easily selected with the keyboard.

V2.00     16 Nov 2004     New Object Navigator

New Object Navigator added for finding your way through objects of all types, such as shapes, buttons, charts, comments, images, etc.

New installation routine provided for easy installation and removal of Navigator Utilities.

Faster loading of Navigator utilities when Excel loads - only used utilities are actually loaded into memory.

V1.76     28 Aug 2004     Fix to Shortcut Options

Fix for problem in v1.75 which prevented Excel from loading in some situations.

V1.75     18 Aug 2004     Fix to Shortcut Options

Fix shortcut options which did not work properly.

V1.74     26 Jun 2004     Improvements

Minor improvements to dialogs and password breaking feature.

V1.73     15 Jun 2004     Improvements      

Minor improvements to error messages.

V1.72     29 Apr 2004     Find/Replace Navigator update

Fix to Find/Replace which would not find a reference on active sheet in some circumstances.

V1.71     08 March 2004     Improvements    

Improvement to Sheet Navigator: additional sorting options, and minor improvements.

V1.70     23 Feb 2004     Improvements    

Improvement to Sheet Navigator password breaking feature, and minor improvements.

V1.69     19 Jan 2004     Improvements    

Improvement to Links Navigator to allow for files and path names which include an apostrophe.

V1.67     07 Sep 2003     Speed improvements    

Improvements have been made to prevent unnecessary calculations which would sometimes slow down Navigator when working with very large and complex workbooks.

V1.66     26 Sep 2003     Find/Replace Navigator updates - improvements    

Additional feature to allow find and replacing through all open workbooks in addition to the active worksheet or workbook.

V1.65     11 Sep 2003     Find/Replace Navigator updates - improvements    

Small improvements have been made to the operation of the Find/Replace feature.

V1.64     05 Sep 2003     Sheet Navigator updates - new features    

New features have been added to the Sheet Navigator - see the "Other..." button.  You can now add/remove gridlines and/or row & column headers for selected sheet(s) - for both the display and also the print page setup.  Also, a quick page setup footer feature has been added to easily add the file name and date to the footer of workbook pages for all selected sheets.

V1.63     13 Aug 2003     Link Navigator updates - improvements    

Improvements to Link Navigator to allow for multiple selecting of source workbooks for updating, opening and closing. The speed of source updating has been greatly improves and an option added to the Multiple File function to allow for password protected files to be ignored.

V1.62     17 Jun 2003     Sheet Navigator updates - copying/moving sheets    

Additional feature added to Sheet Navigator to allow for easy copying and moving of sheets within the workbook and to other open or new workbooks.

V1.61     11 Jun 2003     Duplicating sheets and deleting Names    

Additional feature added to Sheet Navigator to allow for easy duplicating of selected sheets with just one click.
Multiple deletion of selected Names in one go has been enabled in Names Navigator.

V1.60.4     21 May 2003     Find/Replace Navigator updates    

The Find Navigator has been significantly enhanced to include Replace functionality and additional options.

V1.59     8 Apr 2003     Link Navigator updates    

Added delete option to Link Navigator.  Select link references to be deleted from the list box, then click delete.

V1.58     29 Mar 2003     Names Navigator updates    

Improvements to the Names Navigator providing additional filtering options.

V1.57     07 Mar 2003     Link Navigator updates

Minor bug fix.

V1.56     02 Mar 2003     Link Navigator updates    

Improvements to the Link Utilities - now searches all charts for links to other workbooks.

V1.55     23 Feb 2003     Option to change Shortcut Keys    

Navigator Utilities are provided with default shortcut keys.  These default shortcut keys may conflict with the shortcut keys used by other Excel add-ins.  The shortcuts for the Navigator Utilities may be changed, or eliminated, by editing the values using the Options found on the main navigator menu.

Note that the default shortcut for Navigator Names has been changed to Ctrl-M in this version.

V1.54     21 Feb 2003     Introduces Multiple Link Updates    

Multiple Link Updates is used when you want to update links in many workbooks in a single run. This may be required when you move a number of workbooks from one server to another or from your c: drive to a server, and all the links are broken.

You can also produce a report of all files with links.

It is selected by clicking the "Multiple Change" button at the bottom of the Navigator Link dialog.  Select which workbooks you want to update by selecting from either open workbooks, or by selecting files from a directory (with or without its sub-directories).

Then enter a string representing the path which is to be replaced, and enter the required replacement string.

A report is produced listing all workbooks updated and the link source workbooks before and after the change.

Note that if open workbooks are selected, the workbooks are NOT saved.  If workbooks from a directory are selected, the workbooks will be opened, modified and then saved.

If workbooks are open password protected, you will be requested to enter the password. If you not enter the correct password, the file will be skipped.  If a workbook to be modified has sheets that are protected, they will be unprotected except if a password is required, in which case you will be requested to enter the password.  If you do not enter the correct password, the file will be skipped.

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