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Simplify navigation through large spreadsheetsEasily navigate and audit your workbooks using the following Navigator tools:

bullet  Sheets - easily navigate through worksheets
bullet  Links - for all those hard to find links
bullet  Named Ranges - navigate through local/global and hidden names
bullet  Enhanced Find/Replace
bullet  Objects - easily find charts, drawings, comments, etc
bullet  Trace - navigate through cell dependents and precedents
bullet  Audit - investigate formulas  by annotating cells to understand internal consistency and logic of your spreadsheet
bullet  Classic Menus - display the classic menu and toolbars from previous versions of Excel (for Excel 2007 and later users)

and even break Excel's Passwords to remove sheet protection and workbook structure protection!

Navigator Utilities is available for free download for a 60 day trial.

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Navigator Utilities

1)  Navigator Sheets                   Screenshot and details

Find your way through workbooks with many sheets.  Easily navigate hidden sheets.

Navigator Sheets lists all sheets showing those that are hidden, easily see which sheets are protected with passwords, and break passwords or protected sheets with a single click.

Easily delete, rename, hide, or protect several sheets at a time. Hide a sheet so that it cannot be made visible without VBA code. Replace all formulae in selected sheets with values with a single click.

2)  Navigator Links                      Screenshot and details

Ever had a workbook with a link that you cannot find? Excel won't tell you where it is!

Navigator Links lists all linked workbooks and lists all cells that use those links. Double-click to jump directly to the cell reference.

Navigator Links also finds links hidden in Named Ranges, or attached to objects such as buttons which may refer to a macro in a linked workbook. Easily jump directly to the found reference.

3)  Navigator Named Ranges       Screenshot and details

Named ranges can be confusing with local and global Names, and even hidden Names.  Navigator Names lists all Names and shows what they refer to with easy jumps to references and dependent cells.

Easily edit or add new Names, both local and global. Hide or unhide Names and clean out all those Names with invalid references with a single click.

4)  Navigator Enhanced Find/Replace       Screenshot and details

Ever tried to find a string in a workbook and been frustrated with the limited functionality of MS Excel’s Find command. Navigator Find/Replace will find every cell which matched your search criteria in the whole workbook and displays them in a list enabling a quick jump to your target cell.

5)  Navigator Objects                    Screenshot and details

Easily find your way through all the objects in your workbook including: buttons, images, drawing objects, shapes, charts, checkboxes, comments, etc.  These objects can be hard to find, but not with Navigator Objects.  See all the charts in your workbook in a single list.  See all your comments in a single list.  And easily jump to the selected object.

6)  Navigator Trace                    Screenshot and details

Navigator Trace displays all Precedents and Dependents of a cell, allowing you to easily navigate through the related cells. Navigator Trace keeps track of where you have been as you audit your formulae allowing you to retrace your steps.

7)  Navigator Audit                    Screenshot and details

Navigator Audit annotates cells to help you understand the internal consistency and logic of your spreadsheet.  Annotate cells in your workbook to highlight all unique formulas and formulas which have been copied from nearby cells. Highlight which formulas contain constants.   Also highlight cells which are text only and cells which are numbers only.

7)  Navigator Classic Menu                    Screenshot and details
Have you moved to Excel 2007 or later and cannot find anything on the new Excel ribbon? The Navigator Classic menu emulates the menus and toolbars that you are familiar with from earlier versions of Excel and makes them available in the Navigator Utilities tab. All the menu items and tools with which you are familiar, plus a few more, are now available where you can find them.
The classic menu includes the menu bar, the Standard toolbar and the Formatting toolbar from previous Excel versions.


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