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Top 10 Benefits

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Main features:
bullet Enhanced listing of linked workbooks replacing the Edit/Links function in Excel
bullet Finds and lists all links in a workbook including
bullet Links in cells
bullet Links attached to controls such as buttons
bullet Links in Named ranges and hidden named Ranges

Objects Navigator dialog

bullet List of all workbooks linked to active workbook 
bullet Links attached to controls such as buttons
bullet Links in Named ranges and hidden named Ranges
bullet Indicator showing which linked workbooks are currently open
bullet Display of full path name of linked workbook
bullet Standard Edit/Link function available  including:
bullet Update of links
bullet Open source file
bullet Change source file
bullet Additional functions:
bullet Go to source file   
bullet Close source file
bullet Display of all link references to selected linked workbook  showing:
bullet Sheet or object in which link is found
bullet For cell links, the display shows:
bullet The sheet, the cell reference, and the formula
bullet For Named Range links, the display shows:
bullet The Name and what the Name refers to
bullet For Control links, the display shows:
bullet The name of the control, and the assigned macro which refers to the linked workbook.
bullet Quickly jump to the selected link reference
bullet Add a report to the active workbook (as an additional sheet) listing all links in the workbook
bullet Easily change the linked workbook to another source
Multiple Change Feature:
bullet Change the Links in multiple files in one run using Multi-change feature   
bulletMultiple Link Updates is used when you want to update links in many workbooks in a single run. This may be required when you move a number of workbooks from one server to another or from your c: drive to a server, and all the links are broken.
bullet You can also produce a report of all files with links.
bullet It is selected by clicking the "Multiple Change" button at the bottom of the Navigator Link dialog.  Select which workbooks you want to update by selecting from either open workbooks, or by selecting files from a directory (with or without its sub-directories).
bullet Then enter a string representing the path which is to be replaced, and enter the required replacement string.
bullet A report is produced listing all workbooks updated and the link source workbooks before and after the change.
bullet Note that if open workbooks are selected, the workbooks are NOT saved.  If workbooks from a directory are selected, the workbooks will be opened, modified and then saved.
bullet If workbooks are open password protected, you will be requested to enter the password. If you not enter the correct password, the file will be skipped.  If a workbook to be modified has sheets that are protected, they will be unprotected except if a password is required, in which case you will be requested to enter the password.  If you do not enter the correct password, the file will be skipped.


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